Cults Defined

Due to the increased demand for info regarding cults, I’m going to further explain. The following are signs of cults:


  • Rigorous initiation to the group is usually based on works done for the group or rules followed. 
  • Exclusion to those which question motives or creed of the group itself.
  • Fear is a major motivator for people to stay and question nothing. Oftentimes the followers are instructed that if they are asked to leave or are kicked out that there is no salvation for them and they will be eternally doomed.

Excommunicate from family/ friends on the outside

  • Group members often told not to speak to their family or friends unless they want to join the group.

Often times there is one leader that everyone must answer to

  • The bible is not revered as the final authority, rather the leader is. Anytime a problem arises, the leader is sought for wisdom.

All money taken goes to the entity

  • No help/benevolence for others on the outside, just themselves.
  • Old Testament standards of giving are implemented.
  • Layity are expected to do the brunt of the labor and give the proceeds to the elders/leaders.

No accountability for leaders- They often can do & say what they want

  • Often structured like a pyramid business- leaders are wealthy, workers are not
  • The leader thinks that only God can correct him; he thinks he is subject to no one
  • Often times the leader will have extra-marital affairs to build a family of his own sons. They expect the husbands of those wives or the fathers of young women to consent without question.

Leader demands to be revered as Christ himself or as the Only son of God

  • Often these leaders use Old Testament genealogies to establish thier lineages and make the simple people believe that they are Christ in the flesh.

Often isolated away from the general population

  • Compounds or properties are compiled in sometimes remote locations.

Leadership fears outside government

  • In some cases weapons are stockpiled to fight off any encroaching government.

Specific dates are often chosen about when the group will go to heaven

  • Many groups convey that they will have to endure the Great Tribulation as a proving of their faith. This will lead members to stockpile foods and have underground shelters.
  • Unfortunately many times the leadership will kill their group or themselves at that date and time or when government tries to intervene.

Traditional style of dress is implemented

  • Often the women wear dresses and have long hair, the men wear jeans or slacks and a button-up shirts. No makeup or jewelry is allowed.

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