Soaring with the Crows

As I get older, I find myself fashioning more towards independence. My earlier years were more geared to following the ideas of strong personalities around me. I had plenty of “friends” but clearly could not think freely. To think freely is have opinions and be vocal about them.


I love the quote of Dan Collins(

“Most of my friends are “difficult” personalities. In fact, most of the people I like to spend time with are as well.

Of course I find them curious… these difficult people… I love to be around them. I love to argue with them. I love to observe them. These agitators, troublemakers, pot-stirrers… these forceful people who will not suffer the fool. These awful people who won’t just STFU. People who would rather lose everything and retain their dignity than gain everything and lose their independence. I love those that refuse to comply for compliance sake.”

I was once trapped in a dangerous way of thinking called the Word of Faith. As I began to see inconsistencies between the doctrine and the whole of scripture, I spoke out my findings only to be met with resistance. You see it is easier to follow the crows or the geese and get wrapped up in a group mentality.

    It is no wonder that God often referred to his own as eagles and likened our actions to be similar to the most majestic of all birds. We are called to an independence based lifestyle that is both dependent on him and that ultimately spreads peace and love.

Romans 12:18

King James Version (KJV)

18 If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men.


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