Been some time…..

It has been awhile since I posted. It seems like I am reminded of the dangers of the Word-of-Faith when I am confronted with it. If  I am perusing channels and come upon some spiritual sludge that a WOFer is vomiting. I am reminded often at church of how far-reaching this WOF false gospel goes. My current church is a Grace church and I really enjoy it. The message is righteousness by faith and focus on the work of the cross and on loving people. Unfortunately many of my fellow church-goers are enamored by a new WOF guy that teaches righteousness much like our pastor. He has charisma and captivates with every word. Most do not go about researching every preacher/doctrine like I do. (1 Pet. 5:8) We are to be diligent. Further looks at his website reveal that although he preaches “righteousness by faith”, he also mixes in WOF doctrines. Making the Word-of-Faith palatable is in my opinion one of the strongest tools utilized by these false teachers.

I was given the opportunity to speak at a local church recently. This was not something I’m familiar with anymore. It had been 9 or so years since I had spoken before a congregation prior to this. I really enjoyed it. I was able to speak to the group about a situation I had shared with them some 15 years ago about the same time as my Rhema experience. A con-man had been invited to the church to speak. No one knew who he really was although he had performed short series on TBN. He had a fancy suit and rolled $100 bills through his fingers like a casino pit boss. His limousine dropped him off at the front door. He made unbelievable promises to the congregation and raised $16,000 for himself that night. A very hard-working man in the congregation spotted him from afar and made the statement “this man has never worked a day in his life”  No truer words had been spoken.

His promises stated that within 30 days a great number of the congregants that gave would see unusual and rare financial blessings greatly exceeding the gift amounts. After the 30 days were up the pastor spoke to all those present and not one had a miracle of any type done. The pastor repented before the congregation and vowed to never allow another WOF conman to return.

Situations like this are all too common in the WOF realm. Those that gave are warned that if they question God or man they will lose the promises they once believed God for. Blame is always placed on those at the bottom and those at top positions never share nor apologize. These are the ways of the WOF. They love other people only for their money, the hours they volunteer, or so they can count numbers of those people in their ministries.

Thankfully amidst all of this garbage, a true people of God exist spreading the love of God abroad. If you are reading this and you are involved in the WOF and recognize the improprieties or doctrinal inconsistencies, you are not alone. God has brought many out and will continue to do so.


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